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Acupuncture in Fayetteville, AR

How do you define health? Is it simply the absence of disease (or dis-ease), or is it something much more? This is a question worth pondering. We’re so often told that as long as we “eat right & exercise” we can be healthy. Yes, quality nutrition and physical exercise are important, but we believe that health is multifaceted, and it is your birthright. We believe that you have the capacity to heal & thrive when provided with the right input. This input has many forms including self-love, deep nutrition, quality sleep, the right kinds of exercise, connection to spirit/source, meaningful relationships and community, and having a sense of purpose.

Come experience natural care for:

Pain & Headaches

Women's Health

Services We Offer:

acupuncture treatment


Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

Mannequin of acupuncture meridians

Neuro Acupuncture

decorative photo of flowers

SAAT - Allergy Treatment

Can treat Alpha-Gal allergy



Gua Sha Treatment - Traditional Healing Technique

Gua sha

Massage Therapy

Tuina / manual therapy

Vibrant Health Solutions
2863 Millennium Drive
Fayetteville, AR 72703
Located inside Ozark Holistic Center
Mon - Thu
10am - 5pm

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